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Welcome to a World of Easy-Sprouting!

"The easiest sprouter ever!"

A Message from the Inventor - Gene Monson

Old ways of sprouting are slow, inconvenient and bothersome. EASY-SPROUT™ changes that. Now you can grow fresh sprouts (at home or away) and keep them conveniently at your fingertips.
Easy Sprout Sprouter, No BPA; Easy Sprout Keeper, No BPA; Gardens At Our Fingertips book

EASY-SPROUT™(Inner Container, Outer Container, Dome, Vented Lid, Solid Lid, and Alfalfa Insert) – Our complete sprouting system.

Sprout Keeper™ (Inner & Outer Containers + Vented Lid) sprouts all but the smallest seeds (like Alfalfa and Sesame). Handy for storing finished sprouts in the refrigerator.

Try our book, Gardens At Our Fingertips, filled with sprout recipes and growing tips in a 5½" x 8½" plastic-coil-bound book – 141 pages + references and index.

image showing the way air circulates in the Easy Sprout system, the good airflow helps sprouts grow optimally.

For 35+ years I've been using, loving and supplying these practical, effective, earth-friendly fingertip gardens. Why?

Because this unique quart-size dual-container sprouting system (made of durable, easy-to-clean, quality food-grade material - HDPE) is able to: Fresh food lovers everywhere (& their hungry Parrots!) are sure to welcome the "plant today, harvest tomorrow" speed and convenience of these unique sprouters. EASY-SPROUT™ is such a fast, easy way to add vitality to our daily food supply, we should all be Easy-Sprouting!

The EASY-SPROUT™ Advantage

Gene Monson, Inventor of EASY-SPROUT™ & Founder/President Sproutamo Corporation

Let’s rethink our ideas about food. In The Unsettling of America, Wendell Berry quotes Lanza del Vasto: “Find the shortest, simplest way between the earth, the hands and the mouth.” I have, and would like to share it with you.

For years, I’ve been simplifying my approach to food. At one time, much was over-packaged, over-processed, invariably cooked and usually expensive. Today, little is. The catalyst for change was my unique sprouter EASY-SPROUT™.

EASY-SPROUT™ redefines old concepts of sprouting. How? A simple discovery – properly soaked seeds germinate at an accelerated rate IF their environment offers optimal warmth, oxygen and protection from the drying effects of air. The unique EASY-SPROUT™ design ensures accelerated, optimal growth of sprouts by maintaining warmth without excessive heat buildup, and moisture without excessive wetness. Natural convection provides a continuous supply of oxygen, so frequent flushing with water is unnecessary to maintain a fresh, viable environment (as with jars, trays, etc.).

EASY-SPROUTING lets you grow so much high quality food so fast and in so little space. Put untreated, whole dry seeds, beans, grains or nuts in EASY-SPROUT™ – ¼ cup for Alfalfa, Radish, Broccoli and Other Salad Types, 1 ½ cups for Beans; 2 cups for Grains, Sesame, Sunflower, and Nuts. Fill with very warm water, soak one to 12 hours, then drain well and set on your counter to sprout. Easy! Look for just the beginning of a root emerging (none for nuts). A few sprouts can be grown to leaf stage like the commercial-style Alfalfa and Mung Bean sprouts.

EASY-SPROUT™ becomes a “point-of-consumption” system for producing, storing and using the most vital food on the planet – freshly sprouted seeds, beans, grains, and nuts. EASY-SPROUT™ is amazingly fast, efficient and convenient to produce, store and use seeds, beans, grains and nuts as food staples, not just garnishes.

Wouldn’t you like to do something positive for yourself and the environment? Now you can with the EASY-SPROUT™ Advantage – “the shortest, simplest way between the earth, the hands and the mouth” – the ultimate self-sufficiency garden for a reliable supply of pesticide-free, high-fiber, vitamin/mineral/enzyme-rich, energizing fresh food.

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My Journey to EASY-SPROUT™

signed Gene Monson

Years ago, I observed that seeds didn't begin sprouting until they had absorbed enough moisture to finish the job, i.e., to form root, stem and the rudimentary leaves that would enable the new plant to make its own food by photosynthesis.

That discovery was the starting point for my explorations into the concept of “NO RINSE SPROUTING!” Like most people, my earlier perceptions had been shaped by books and articles I'd read on the subject of sprouting. There can be little doubt that this knowledge created a mindset that was difficult to overcome, especially considering the origins of the unique container that ultimately forced me to rethink my earlier ideas.

The EASY-SPROUT™ system came to me in a dream in 1979. Although I knew precisely how it had to be built, I had no awareness of its technological capabilities for a NO RINSE approach to sprouting. Thus, when the new sprouters became available in 1981, I grew sprouts the same way I did in jars, and of course, recommended that method on my packaging and on all my literature.

While traveling in the hot Southwest in the summer of 1983, it became apparent that our understanding of the practice of home sprouting was in need of reexamination. And while the series of discoveries about everything from the effect of temperature on germination timetables to the effect of a NO RINSE approach on the quality of overall results prompted me to rewrite my literature, I was still years away from realizing the true significance of this new breakthrough in home sprouting.

In December of 1990, seven years after first reporting the discovery of this new approach to growing sprouts in a revised SPROUTING GUIDE, I began to discover the expansive benefits of "NO RINSE SPROUTING!" Here was a key to adapting seed foods and sprouting to busy, modern lifestyles. My early efforts at converting sprouts into high-vitality baby food led to the discovery of a fast, simple way to sprout, preserve and process a diverse variety of live, germinated seeds, beans, grains and nuts. This has added a whole new dimension to our use of food. We have become our own food company.

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