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The old ways of sprouting are too slow, inconvenient and bothersome.

EASY-SPROUT™changes that. Now you can grow fresh sprouts (at home or away) and keep them conveniently at your fingertips.

Those who want extra containers for an abundance of ready-to-eat sprouts in the refrigerator will welcome the basic three-part Sprout Keeper™ model (Inner & Outer container + Vented Lid ).

For 35+ years I've been using, loving and supplying these practical, effective, earth-friendly fingertip gardens. Why?

Easy-Sprout sprouter


Easy-Sprout sprouter

Sprout recipes, nutritional profiles of sprouts, advantages of Easy-Sprouting and growing tips in a 5½ x 8½ plastic-coil-bound book with 141 pages + references and index.

Because this unique quart-size, dual-container sprouting system (made of durable, easy-to-clean, quality food grade material - HDPE) is able to:

Fresh food lovers everywhere (& their hungry Parrots!) are sure to welcome the "plant today, harvest tomorrow" speed and convenience of these unique sprouters. EASY-SPROUT™ is such a fast, easy way to add vitality to our daily food supply, we should all be Easy-Sprouting!

The easiest sprouter ever!

Grow a pound of tasty sprouts in 8-48 hours with convenient

Just soak 1/2 - 2 1/2 cups dry seeds, beans, grains or nuts for 1-12 hours, drain & sprout.

Durable quart-size, dual-container balances warmth, humidity, oxygen by convection for fast, convenient sprouting. Guide with recipes included. "Love it, or return it!" guarantee.

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